My career has spanned more than 17 years in photography and I still can't imagine doing anything other than taking pictures -- I wake up every morning excited about what I'm going to be shooting that day! Whether it's a formal portrait for a magazine cover, or a food still-life in a dining guide, I lay awake the night before thinking about how to make a great picture.

Knowing how to get the job done to everyone's satisfaction is extremely important. Often, I am called upon to make an interesting portrait under limited time constraints. Either it's Burt Reynolds on a tight schedule, an attorney between clients or a working parent trying to juggle their daily schedule and fit in a photo session.

One of my more favorite assignments was Al Dunlap, CEO of Sunbeam Corp., aka "Chainsaw Al". During a New York Times business assignment, Dunlap mentioned he disliked the nickname "Chainsaw" and saw himself as more of a "Rambo in pinstripes"! A couple of weeks later, I was asked by USA Today to photograph Al for a Money section cover story -- 'Do Something Different' I was asked by an editor. Well, I was able to talk Mr. Dunlap into dressing up in a Rambo costume over his shirt and tie. Complete with two machine guns, a black head band and smudges under his eyes, Al stood proudly on the conference table and aimed his guns skyward!! I've had more response to that photograph than any other I've made.

My work regularly appears in USA Today, The Washington Post, Woman's World and Entrepreneur Magazine. My images have also been published in Time, Newsweek, the Chronicle of Higher Education, Business Week, U.S. News and World Report and numerous other publications throughout the world.

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